Fall, Halloween and Christmas are in the air!

Hello friends of The Gardeners Cottage,

Fall is in the air for sure!

Here at The Gardeners Cottage, we have the best scents for the fall season. Our heart warming cozy scents come in the form of candles, potpourri, scented beads and more.

halloween decor

If you are getting your home ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, please make a point to stop in and see our fall florals, beautiful turkeys which would make for a lovely centerpiece, pretty fall linens and more. This is the “nesting” season, and we have all the little special and unique items that help to make your nest a very cozy place to be.

Thank you to all our loyal customers who have made our Halloween season very successful, indeed. This holiday seems to become bigger every year. But then, we have THE reputation for being the BEST source for the most unique Halloween items in all of NE Ohio. Our items are selling out very quickly, so if you have a need for any more decorations, please hurry in!

Many new “antique” items have come in the last couple of weeks. We are always following the current trends in the home decor market. It is so much fun to find a vintage item to “repurpose” in some unusual way.

Our back room is ‘flooded” with beautiful items for Christmas! If you are an early shopper many of our key items are starting to come out on display. Beautiful Christmas night lights and shimmer light figures make the perfect gift for anyone. Selections are great right now, check it out!

Of course you will see the lovely Christmas houses from our dear friend Cody Foster, and all the vintage inspired Christmas items from another dear friend, Bethany Lowe. There are almost too many things to talk about, so hopefully you will drop by to see for yourself!

Our displays tell the story, and thank you to all who have commented and complimented how the store looks for fall. Those kind words always mean so much. We enjoy the fact that we inspire people.

Well, I must say goodbye for now, there are new displays to be done!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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