Easter Clearance Sale … and new items!

Spring is really in the air!

We are running a fabulous clearance sale on all remain Easter home decor this week. 50% Off the original prices on Bethany Lowe, Tina Flanner, KD Vintage, Lori Mitchell and others! What a great time to make your home festive for the holiday!

Just this week we have an all new window. Garden inspired with touches of vintage and whimsy. Everyday now, new merchandise is showing up on the sales floor. We just received some wonderful new Parisian themed items and are currently featuring new books.

It is time to start looking for those special seasonal gifts for weddings and graduations. Check out some of the special things we have.

And for everyone that wants to bring a touch of the tropics in. Stop in and sample the newest fragrance….BOTICARO de Havana.

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